Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan is time for CLEANING house

What a crazy time of year. But ohhh will it be worth it!!! I am cleaning house. This means getting some great stamp sets(retired sets) sold. I am letting my downline know first so they can have their choice, then customers, then lastly to ebay what is not sold.
I will list them on my next post.

I packed up some cards(over 200 of them) with envelopes and will send them to a women who sends them directly to the troops. So they have them to send home to their families and friends. From what I have heard, when the truck gets there with cards the truck is bombarded until all the cards are all taken. So nice to know I can help a little in some way.

I also have some card fronts(with retired sets as well) that I have gotten over the years from other demonstrators at workshops, etc. These will be sold on Ebay.

It will feel good to know these things will all be getting use. I will also be keeping up with the new things in the upcoming catalog(s).